You have no idea how well this lady knows all your weaknesses

moncler outlet How do I ask for help moncler outlet

moncler outlet woodbury Don ask for a diagnosis and don try to diagnose others. Even if someone were a trauma trained doctor/psychiatrist, they wouldn be able to diagnose over the Internet. Seek out professional moncler sale online help instead. moncler outlet woodbury

moncler jackets on sale Racism, bigotry, misogyny/misandry, and other hate speech is unacceptable. moncler jackets on sale

moncler outlets uk We do not allow RaisedByNarcissist lingo. Please avoid use of abbreviations such as “NMom”, “EBrother”, GC/SG, FLEAs, etc, and avoid moncler usa casual armchair diagnosis of people who have not been professionally diagnosed. The stuff we read discusses abuse, trauma, etc cheap moncler jackets mens and its so tempting to blurt out every detail of my past but I am moncler outlet woodbury trying to pace myself. There is one woman from the cheap moncler jackets group that knows a bit about my situation. When I told her that no one cares about what I am going through she said “I care” and seemed open to the idea of me going to her for support if I need moncler outlet sale it. But I am sure you have all experienced someone saying “you can tell me anything” and then when you do its just too much for them and they back out and I am really afraid of that happening yet again. I desperately need cheap moncler sale support and I dont know how to portray that without scaring people. moncler outlets uk

moncler jackets mens She gave me her number back in December but we dont moncler outlet online have much of a texting relationship. We have hung out a few times outside of the group though and discount moncler jackets she seems supportive and understanding. I want to text her because I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed and alone lately and its crushing me. But I dont cheap moncler jackets womens know how to ask if its okay for me to vent about some stuff. moncler jackets mens

moncler jackets men Do I just straight up say “hey, i am having a rough day, would it be okay if i vented to you for a little bit?” I kinda dont know what I want out of this interaction with her, i just know i need another person. I suppose I am seeking validation and reassurance and a connection more than advice or a temporary distraction. Do I let her know what kind of help I need from her specifically?This woman does tarot reading too and I asked if she would do one for me since I had never tried it and wanted to see what it was about. I hadnt really opened up to her before then but she said that any information I wanted to share beforehand would help give her context when reading the cards and I hesitated, but slowly let out individual facts about my situation. So she found out that 1) my dad abused me 2) moncler outlet my parents are still together 3) i live with them and am unemployed/not in school because i am working moncler sale on my mental health 4) i have ptsd. I said to her “do you see moncler online store why i am so quiet in the reading group? what am i supposed to talk about?” and she said “you can talk about anything you want” and then referenced another member who does just that. moncler jackets men

moncler outlets usa When she read the cards she offered good advice about my situation and said that I am on the right path overall and pointed out some areas I need to focus on, which I agreed with. We met up for lunch once, maybe twice after that and tomorrow another member is having a party and she texted me a few days ago asking if I was going. I said yes and she said “sweeeet” or something lol. These are all good signs, right? She obviously doesnt hate me, right? I am moncler womens jackets not being snarky, I just seriously dont know. I have such a hard time trusting my judgement. moncler outlets usa

buy moncler jackets toronto I have been in counseling for almost 2 years but moncler sale outlet it has been with several counselors, either they leave or we just arent a good fit. So that has been helpful but the instability of changing counselors has been really hard to deal with. I have to keep starting over and talking about the same stuff. I would love to best moncler jackets be able to dig deeper to work through other issues but I havent had the opportunity yet. I am hoping my current counselor can refer me to a local place that specializes moncler uk cheap moncler jackets outlet in trauma. They pair counseling with body work which is something I think I need. buy moncler jackets toronto

moncler jackets toronto Counseling is definitely important but what I keep hearing is that a support system is vital to healing from trauma and a counselor can only do so much. If I am lucky I get 2 hours of their time per month. Thats a lot of time to be left alone with my thoughts. I just want to warn you about something. Tarot card readers are usually extremely intuitive people who are experts at reading uk moncler outlet and leveraging human behaviour to their own gain. They are incredibly great chameleons, especially with those with trauma backgrounds, who know how to use and manipulate the unsuspecting and vulnerable. Some do moncler outlet store help people for good (usually for money) but don be fooled. The way they got so good was by experimenting on many past abuse victims. They have no reason to act as ethically as you hope that people will. The same goes for psychics and mediums. They are just insanely good at the craft cheap moncler coats mens of reading and manipulating people and predicting human behaviour. You have no idea how well this lady knows all your weaknesses and strengths, and I would advise against hanging out with her any further.”hey, i am having a rough day, would it be okay if i vented to you for a little bit?” is actually a good way to do that, as long as she understands where you coming from, which it sounds like she does. moncler jackets toronto

moncler outlet canada I would really recommend a therapist. Or, even, grabbing a (low to no required permissions) voice recording app and talking the stuff out over a audio journal. It won talk back to you, but I find it feels moncler outlet prices like uk moncler sale I being listened to, which is huge. moncler outlet canada

discount moncler jackets It sometimes a bit much to expect acquaintances to share in the burden you carrying. I understand the need and the urge, but you are right to try and spread that out (though I know that feels bad, because there so much and it needs an outlet) discount moncler jackets.

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