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When I imagine a TRPG set in FTLs universe, I imagine slowing everything down, so the players could very well play en entire session or two roleplaying through what would be a single event in FTL. Suddenly exploring (seemingly!) abandoned vessels is like exploring a dungeon, or trying to save a moon base from a plague involves a bunch of politics or side quests. Ship combat will of course be an important element, but I think the real potential is in the vast amount of story possibilities that could pop up moving from beacon to beacon..

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canada goose clearance Currently, and for the past 10 years, I’ve canada goose clearance been the Chief Operating Officer of a small family business, which manufactures tourist goods. I wear many buy canada goose jacket hats, including IT support, managing web (marketing, social media, website, etc) personnel, managing and directing manufacturing production to include all levels of staff.Any information or advice on what the best education options are and potential career opportunities (such as types of positions, etc.) based on my education and work history is greatly appreciated.TL;DR I’m 37, have held many leadership positions, looking to make a career change into tech, particularly software dev, and I need advice on education. Do I get a BS in comp sci or do I continue on with a BAS in programming? Which would be more beneficial career wise and long term canada goose clearance.

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