This includes things like “Lucic running Miller” and “Chara

canadian goose jacket and his life condition after hockey

Canada Goose online Don go around bashing on players for things they did on accident. The Karlsson thing was an accident and shouldn be brought canada goose up when discussing Cooke.

Canada Goose Outlet You also made two canada goose coats on sale “points” in your statement. Which is it? That ligament injuries take a long time to heal? Or that it Cooke fault. I already told you the Cooke thing is a waste of time. And if you want to canada goose black friday sale discuss the ligament injury thats great, but it cheap Canada Goose has absolutely nothing to do with Karlsson injury except that they were both lower body. You Canada Goose Parka can find plenty of ligament injuries to compare it to, so bring up one of those.

canada goose But that didn happen did it? Nope, Karlsson got brought up to bash on Cooke plain and simple. Something that Cooke Canada Goose sale shouldn be blamed for. I get it, canadian goose jacket there an /r/hockey circlejerk for hating Cooke, but hate him for uk canada goose stuff that he did do. Also it wasn just the Cooke hit that contributed to Canada Goose online those problems, he had five concussions in his playing career, Cooke canada goose uk shop was responsible for only the one.

canada goose clearance Cooke is canada goose coats a dirty player, who makes dirty plays, but it not like he pulled Canada Goose Outlet off his skate and slit Savard throat. If he hadn played again after the Cooke hit, then the hit should be the focal point of why Savard canada goose uk black friday career ended. I have no problem with saying the Cooke hit contributed, but it factually did not end Savard career. That all. Even though the hit was legal at the time, it was still completely dirty and unnecessary. I played one year of college hockey and took a nasty hit from behind and sent me head first into the boards. Before this, I had 1 grade 3 concussion which put me out of all sports for 8 months with the concussion PCS. I got 2 grade 2 concussions in high school and many many small concussion which I never reported.

canada goose store The last one was a grade 2 concussion and I contracted PCS again. I now have had 2 lipomas removed from my scalp and I have had hand tremors for the last 3 years. uk canada goose outlet My neurologist says they may never stop and could get worse as cheap canada goose uk I get older.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Guys, please take the appropriate time to heal your brains, you only got one and you can live without it.

canada goose black friday sale Coaches and trainers rush players back onto the ice too early.

canada goose coats on sale Players who have had serious concussions don give sufficient consideration to quitting after sustaining significant head trauma and get back out on the ice instead of considering early retirement.

canada goose clearance sale Other canada goose clearance players will make predatory head hits because there is not sufficient education from peewee on up about how dangerous a hit to the head truly is and hits to the head can be rewarding in terms of changing momentum or taking out good players.

Canada Goose sale There needs to be a culture change and it needs to start early. Concussions need to be looked at as severe and potential career enders. This means that the DPS needs to punish Canada Goose Coats On Sale all hits to the head buy canada goose jacket cheap as being severe, regardless of things like lack of prior discipline. This includes things like “Lucic running Miller” and “Chara smashing Pacioretty into a stanchion” and “Staal crosschecking Crosby in the head” and “Neal going for Marchand head with his kneee” and all sorts of other shitty stuff that happens. This lesson also needs to trickle down to the canada goose clearance sale children programs. Kids first hockey coaches should be telling them that hits to the head are the dirtiest and most despicable and dangerous things they can do.

buy canada goose jacket There also needs to be a change in how hockey players, hockey clubs, and hockey fans treat the players. Players canada goose uk outlet who have suffered severe head injuries should be given the resources to make informed decisions about whether they want to continue in the sport and take the risk of ending up unable to handle bright lights or noise, and they need to have teammate and fan support if they decide that 50 years of migraines isn worth another few years playing hockey professionally. That needs to be an option that is publicly discussed and expected for players who buy canada goose jacket suffer head injuries, and it needs to be an option that fans will be supportive of.

cheap Canada Goose Blaming Savard situation on Cooke is easy, but it doesn change the broader cultural problems in hockey that make concussions, and more importantly, repeated concussions, such a big problem. Shitty yes, but if that hit is dirty then Scott Stevens is the King of dirty plays. Stevens was the king of putting a canada goose factory sale shoulder into guys faces when he checked them.

Canada Goose Jackets Not defending Cooke, the hit WAS super dirty. But lots of guys get concussions and come back. Savard clearly wasnt ready. But no one knew that at the time. Canada Goose Jackets The hunwick hit was bad, but he was Canada Goose Online shoulder to shoulder, it just drove Savards head up against the glass. It literally about how Savard life is fucked up during day to day life and the canada goose store Cooke apologists are out in full force downvoting anyone with a different opinion.

canada canada goose jacket sale goose coats I literally don understand Penguins fans. He was a gritty 3rd liner granted. But he creates bad press and injures people, intentionally or not every season he in. Why would you want a player like that on your team. Fuck! I don like Lucic and Marchand all that much because they play like assholes. But God forbid someone calls out Cooke.

Canada Goose Parka Think about it this way, if you do something and a year later a law is passed making what you did out to be a crime, should you be put in jail? Are you a criminal.

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