This has been affirmed and reaffirmed

Gore Campaign Lead Attorney David Boies Discusses Florida Supreme uk canada goose outlet Court Ruling on Hand Counts

Canada Goose online KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: We have got more on the buy canada goose jacket cheap decision by the Florida Supreme Court. We are going to go back to Tallahassee, where our Bill Hemmer is still in the same chair, the same spot with more information.

Canada Goose sale BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: uk canada goose Hey, Kyra, good morning, once again. It has been a thrilling 12 hours here in the state capital. It was last night, 10:00 Eastern time when the ruling Canada Goose Parka came down that the three counties involved will have five additional days to add up votes in southeastern Florida. The deadline, again, 5:00 Sunday here in the state capital.

canada goose black friday sale Want to Canada Goose Coats On Sale get more reaction this canada goose black friday sale morning now, David Boies, the lead attorney for the Gore campaign, with us live now here.

canada goose clearance sale DAVID BOIES, GORE CAMPAIGN ATTORNEY: Good to see you again. Good morning.

cheap Canada Goose HEMMER: What we did not canada goose get in cheap Canada Goose the ruling, that 43 page decision last night was better clarification of standards, according to the court. Knowing what’s happening with these tens Canada Goose Online of thousands of ballots being set aside, does that lead us to an ultimate conclusion that we may be back in here before it’s all over again?

canada goose store BOIES: I think the Supreme Court indicated that the standard that was to be applied was the standard that we had argued had been applied historically in Florida and, certainly, the standard that was applied in other states. For example, on pages 34 and 35 and 36 of the court’s opinion, the court discusses the standard and, indeed, quotes extensively from the Supreme Court of Illinois.

canada goose clearance You will recall that during our argument, we had said to the Supreme Court of Florida that the supreme courts of Massachusetts, Illinois and other states had explicitly set a standard, and we thought that standard was consistent with Florida law Canada Goose Outlet and that the canada goose coats Supreme Court of Florida should adopt it. And we think that that’s what the court did.

canada goose coats on sale HEMMER: Republicans think, at this point, the court’s making up the law as it goes along. Fair argument?

For 110 years, Florida law has been absolutely clear that you make a manual count of ballots and you look at the voter’s intent. canada goose uk shop As the canada goose clearance sale Supreme Court said in its opinion: This isn’t new law. This has been affirmed and reaffirmed.

Just two years ago, in the canada goose uk black friday Beckstrom case that the court cites, the court looked at this very issue. That was a situation in which it was optical ballots, not hand punched ballots. The people had been told, “Use a No. 2 pencil to mark the little circle.” A lot of people didn’t use the No. 2 pencil. An issue was: canada goose store Could those ballots be counted? And the Supreme Court of Florida said, of course they can. Because by looking at those ballots, even though they’re not machine readable Canada Goose online and people didn’t follow the instructions to the canadagoose letter, you can tell who they intended to vote for, and that’s what matters.

HEMMER: Stop me here. The Florida state legislature, right now, is talking about stepping in on this matter. They believe, under federal law, they’re allowed to do cheap canada goose uk that. Are you prepared for that possibility, for them to step in and dictate the outcome in Florida?

BOIES: I would hope they wouldn’t try to change the rules in the middle of the game. That is what every side, up until now, both the Republican side and the Democratic side, both the vice president’s spokesmen and Governor Bush’s spokesmen, have repeatedly said, “Don’t change the rules in the middle of the game.”

canadian goose jacket Now, the fact that they now don’t like the rule of law, maybe, doesn’t change that basic principle. I don’t think, when they think about it, they’re going canada goose coats on sale to want to go down that road. Supreme Court. I think that is extremely unlikely. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Canada Goose Jackets This is a matter for the Florida Supreme Court. Up until yesterday, both sides said that this was canadian goose jacket matter for the Florida Supreme Court. Now the Florida Supreme Court has ruled. We now know what the rule of law is, and I think it’s up to both sides to accept it.

canada goose HEMMER: And if the state Supreme Court does allow these dimpled buy canada goose jacket ballots, the dimpled chad, to be included in these three counties, aren’t you disenfranchising the rest of the state, the remaining 64, if you’re allowing 3 to say yes and 64 to stay out?

buy canada goose jacket BOIES: Not at all. Remember, Vice President Gore, a week ago, proposed that you have a recount of the entire state. The Supreme Court of Florida said to Governor Bush’s lawyer on Monday, “Do you want a recount of the entire state?” They said no.

canada goose coats HEMMER: But that could always change. And one thing that’s Canada Goose sale clear throughout this entire matter is that nothing is clear.

Canada Goose Outlet BOIES: And we’re waiting and if they say, “We want a recount of the entire state,” we said yesterday that’s something that we would seriously consider.

Canada Goose Parka We have from the beginning said, we want all the ballots counted. We’ve offered to recount the entire state. The Supreme Court of Florida has given them the opportunity to recount the entire state. They’ve always said no. And you know why they’ve said no? Because the ballots outside of these three counties will go for Vice President Gore also. They know that. We know that. canada goose clearance This is not a situation of people being canada goose factory sale under counted and favoring Governor Bush’s side.

HEMMER: Quickly here. It’s day 15, the 22nd of November. We’re still sitting here.

BOIES: We’re certainly finished by December 12. That’s what the Supreme Court has done. I believe we’re going to be finished next week. However, what the Supreme Court has said is, regardless of what anybody on either side thinks, this process is going to come to an end. And they’ve set up a procedure to do that: We count. We finish the counting on Sunday. The secretary canada goose uk outlet of state must accept those counts. The secretary of state certifies who has the most votes at that point. You then have an opportunity for an election contest, if anybody wants to bring it. And it’s all done by December 12.

buy canada goose jacket cheap HEMMER: And we’re told the offices will be opened at 5 o’clock on Sunday. But I will say it Canada Goose Jackets once again: If there is one thing clear about this entire story, nothing has been clear or predictable throughout it all. But appreciate your time today.

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