The likelihood of continued population growth for some time

Agriculture Offers Huge Opportunities for a Planet of 7 Billion

canada goose outlet online store review Crossposted from the Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet. canada goose outlet online store review

canada goose outlet vancouver As the global population increases, so does canada goose uk black friday the number of mouths to feed. Canada Goose online The good news is that in addition to providing food, innovations in sustainable agriculture can provide a solution to many of the canada goose uk shop challenges that a Canada Goose sale growing population presents. Agriculture is emerging as a solution to mitigating climate change, reducing public health problems and costs, making cities more livable, and creating jobs in a stagnant global economy. canada goose outlet vancouver

canada goose jacket outlet store This year, the world’s population will hit 7 billion, according to the United Nations. Population Fund (UNFPA) to launch a “7 Billion Actions” campaign to promote individuals and organizations that are using successful new techniques for tackling global development challenges. By sharing these innovations in an open forum, the campaign aims to foster communication and collaboration as our world becomes canada goose black friday sale more populated and increasingly interdependent. canada goose jacket outlet store

canada goose outlet shop Not even demographers can actually forecast how many people will be added to world population over the coming century, noted Robert Engelman, a population canada goose coats expert and Worldwatch Executive Director. As more women and their partners gain access to reproductive health services and manage their own childbearing, average family size has fallen significantly in recent decades and could continue to do so, assuming expanded support for reproductive Canada Goose Coats On Sale health and improvements in women’s autonomy and status. The likelihood of continued population growth for some time, however, remains high. And that will add to the need to harness the ingenuity canada goose of human beings to sustain both people and the planet. canada goose outlet shop

canada goose outlet ottawa “We’ll have to learn how to moderate our consumption of materials and energy and to jumpstart uk canada goose outlet new technologies that conserve them,” Engelman said. Innovations in farming will be among the most important: with planning, agriculture canadian goose jacket can operate not only as a canada goose coats on sale less consumptive industry, but also one that works in harmony with the environment. canada goose outlet ottawa

canada goose outlet michigan Nourishing the Planet’s research in Africa has unveiled innovative and cost effective approaches to agriculture where farmers are treating land as a resource rather than solely as a means Canada Goose Jackets for food production. Many of these solutions are scalable canada goose clearance and can be adapted to farming systems around the world. canada goose outlet michigan

canada goose outlet london uk Nourishing the Planet recommends four ways that agriculture is helping to address the challenges that a growing global population will bring. canada goose outlet london uk

canada goose outlet online uk Urban agriculture for nutritious food and a cooler climate. predicts that 65 percent of the global population uk canada goose will live in cities by 2050. Urban agriculture provides an increasing number of city residents with fruits and vegetables, leading canada goose uk outlet to buy canada goose jacket improved nutrition and food security. Urban farms are already gaining popularity around the world, from the Victory Programs’ ReVision Urban Farm in Boston, to Lufa Farms in Montreal, to the slums of Kibera in buy canada goose jacket cheap Nairobi, Kenya. canada goose outlet online uk

canada goose outlet 80 off Farming for employment and education. Opportunities in agriculture can reduce poverty and empower a growing canada goose factory sale population. In Los Angeles county, the organization Farmscape Gardens has helped tackle a 16 canada goose store percent unemployment rate by hiring workers to establish and maintain edible gardens. And Cheap Canada Goose Outlet in Uganda, project DISC (Developing Innovations in School Cultivation) partnered with Canada Goose Parka Slow Food Canada Goose Outlet International to develop 17 school gardens that are used to educate students about growing, harvesting, and preparing nutritious local foods. canada goose outlet 80 off

canada goose outlet uk fake Agroecology for a healthier environment. Agroecology, which offers numerous benefits to the environment while also feeding people, includes organic agriculture, agroforestry, cheap Canada Goose conservation agriculture, and evergreen agriculture. In Niger, farmers promote the re greening of dried farmland by allowing spontaneous regeneration of woody species. The restored growth has provided farmers with wind breaks, decreased evaporation, sequestered carbon, and provided non timber forest products. to create the Chesapeake Bay Program watershed partnership. Through collaboration, the group has developed policies, laws, incentives and best practices for farmers whose production zone lies within the local watershed. These agroecological practices, including cover crops, planting riparian forest butters, and practicing conservation tillage, have helped preserve the Bay. canada goose outlet uk fake

canada goose outlet trillium parka black Innovations in food waste to make the most of what we have. Food and Agriculture Organization, industrialized countries waste 222 million tons of food annually, or almost as much as sub Saharan Africa’s 230 million tons of net Canada Goose Online food production per year. Decreasing food waste makes it possible to feed people across the planet without increasing agricultural production. Central Kitchen Project partners with area restaurants and food suppliers to pick up food that would otherwise go to waste. Volunteers prepare the food and redistribute it as meals to the city’s poor. In central and eastern Africa, a partnership between Bayer Crop Science and the International Potato Center hopes to develop a sweet potato that is resistant to pests and diseases, which are responsible for 50 to 100 percent of crop losses canada goose clearance sale among poor farmers in the cheap canada goose uk region canada goose outlet trillium parka black.

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