The Institute hopes that disclosing the relationships between

And here is the crux of the issue here you completely cool with sponsoring a de facto mafia regime as long as they obey whatever the EU dictates to them in terms of general policies.Literally zero fucks given in regards to whats actually happening to the regular people as long as you and your companies get to monopolize the market and have a place to sell your shit.Its not difficult to see how some eastern europeans are beginning to realize that we simply not in the picture when your politicians are talking about a family and a dream, its just pure bullshit at the end of the day.To you it seems we still some sort of second rate citizensTold you what the EU should do stop sponsoring them and start criticizing them. If anything, trust in the EU is currently very high in most of eastern europe, but with the way you treat the entire region as nothing but a buffer zone between and russia/middle east and a source of cheap labour, thats not going to last all that long.Things are not going very well and you are sponsoring the mafia, its quite fucking obvious what should be done but for whatever reason you refuse to do anything at all.It foolish to assume corruption, nepotism and patronage is a remnant of the old system and will simply expire in due time. Those thrive under any willingly nontransparent, nondemocratic setup.

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