The discussion made a lot of sense

Trust me I am 38 now and 14 years ago when I was 24 I had hurting in my chest, fever and just generally felt bad for a few days (Ironically after bringing my Dad home from Open Heart surgery). I went to the Family after hours clinic and they X Rayed myy chest and give me some sample of some cold medince that I didnt even take and 3 days later I had a Massive MI heart attack in my Living room floor, my wife was luckily trained in nursing and gave me CPR and got me to long enough to get me to an ER where I thought to have a Blood Clot and was given a TPA injection (a Thrombolytic Blood Thining medicine). I ultimately was in and out of a coma for about 2 weeks in CCU and did finaly awake and to this day I Thank GOD dont have any long lasting affects from it but everyone is not so lucky.

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