That one thing I really wish the next Pi could fix

Indeed a C2 trounces any of the Pis in terms of network performance because it has a full gigabit Ethernet port on its own dedicated hardware instead of sharing lanes off the SoC with USB like literally all of the Pis do (including the 3B, which has a gigabit port but tops out at like 250mbps because of how wired networking was shoehorned onto the SoC). That one thing I really wish the next Pi could fix, but I dunno if the RPi Consortium could get the required hardware cheap enough to not end up with a $50 Pi 4.Pis have the advantages of super wide market share and a super large community, but the hardware is mid tier nowadays as there are better options in comparable to competitive price points for many (if not most) uses. Again, I love to see the next Pi remedy that.(Full disclosure: I have multiple Pis and multiple C2s, and use them for what I feel they do best.

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