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Angela Lindvall Wears the Pants

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Douglas FriedmanThe photographer Edward Steichen is said to have quipped, “Every 10 years a man should give himself a good kick in the pants.” This fall, it seems, the fashion world has taken his advice. It’s about time. For too long now, designers have offered season after endless season of dresses, while women who should know (and can afford) better have donned cheapo cotton leggings. (The Facebook group Leggings Are NOT Pants boasts 385,658 “Likes.”) Lately, this absence-of-pants trend has reached absurd and unattractive extremes: There’s the unfortunate tights-worn-as-leggings craze, a look that makes anyone who attempts it appear to have left the house half dressed, and the ubiquity of boundary-pusher Lady Gaga, who, like a wannabe Edie Sedgwick, suits up in leotard bottoms and not much else. Not to mention shorts for the office, which, though great for the under-30 set, will never pass muster with real power players. So it’s perhaps not surprising that designers have concluded that one obvious way to bring back chic is to offer women a few great pairs of pants. – Continue Reading BelowNot since the ’90s

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