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What’s a fun fact about your best friend

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canada goose Comment replies consisting solely of canada goose outlet boston images will be removed. Not fun. canada goose

canada goose uk black friday But anyway, turned out ok and canada goose outlet online was a wake up call (for me too, tbh) and he took post bac courses to make up the pre med classes that weren covered by his dual math and physics bachelor degree from a prestigious university, went to medical school, and now he most the way through a neurosurgery residency. Really just sticks to the psychedelics now and will have a puff or two off a joint when we hang out, but doesn smoke regularly anymore. After a canada goose outlet parka year, she broke up canada goose outlet paypal with him and broke his heart. He moved about 2000 miles away for 3 months, then moved right back canada goose outlet online reviews the instant she called and said she wanted him back. Shortly after that, she told him she got pregnant by another guy in the three months he was gone. They broke up and never spoke again. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose black friday sale Fast forward to a little over a year ago, I see canada goose outlet winnipeg address this picture. He been in the Air canada goose outlet store uk Force for 17 years and has been married to another woman for about 15 of those years. They made a conscious choice to not have kids. I actually hadn seen him in canada goose outlet uk sale about 12 years at that canada goose jacket outlet time due to my moving out of state and him being all over the world with the military, but we were both going back home for Christmas and had made plans to get together. I knew I canada goose outlet in chicago couldn possibly tell him on the phone, but I also knew I wasn going to get him away from his wife to tell him alone and I knew I couldn tell him in look at this web-site front of her. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Online About 2 weeks after I found out, I got a text from him saying “long story, but have (ex gf) tried to reach out to you in the last year or so?” It was at that point that I knew I didn have to tell him. I just replied with “short canada goose outlet store new york story no, but good looking kid!” We talked later that day, and apparently his ex found out she had cancer and had been trying to introduce the kid to his biological dad. She had lied to the kid for years about who his dad was. Canada Goose Online

uk canada goose His wife is canada goose outlet website legit awesome, and has been a champ in working through this with him. He has tried to form a relationship with the kid. Interestingly, he spent the last 17 years all over the world, but right canada goose outlet florida before all this broke down he was relocated to be within driving distance of home. So for the first time in his career, he actually in a place canada goose outlet hong kong where he could be involved in the kids life, and it happens to be at the exact same time he canada goose outlet online store finds out about the kid. The canada goose outlet michigan kid has not been the most receptive, but as someone who admittedly has my own daddy issues, I get that. My mom thought it would be a great idea to invite 25 internet strangers to our house for a potluck. uk canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet One of them brought their daughters, and the rest is history. She been my best friend since 2011. We live an hour and a half away, but we still find time to see each other every week, or every other week. When I moved a few hours away for college, we talked and face timed every single day. I don think we would have ever canada goose outlet woodbury met had it not been for our moms. THANKS MOM!He doesnt have to sleep. Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose Not in like the joking way like “Oh haha I barely get any sleep”. No. He actually doesn need to sleep. It this super rare condition or something. If i remember correctly from the article he linked me, basically when you canada goose outlet los angeles sleep and all the cells repair themselves and your brain canada goose kensington parka uk gets a nice rest after work during sleep, his brain automatically does that without sleep I think. I not saying nobody has ever died because they were riding like a dick, but it usually involves a car. Considering OP said it was through n fault of his own, I would wager this was one of those incidents. I not here to argue canada goose shop uk with you, just please think before you say some stupid shit that serves no purpose other than to insult the deceased, and wound the living who cared for them cheap Canada Goose.

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