He said one of his workers bought a can of tuna for lunch

Canada Goose Online The slogan “For Mash, Get Smash” is still one of the best known ever. There are roughly 5,000 varieties of potato, 99% of which are descended from a single species. Spuds can be deadly weapons. Earlier this week, a petition signed by about 10,000 workers was sent to the labor minister to complain that even paying rents has become a struggle.\n\n\n\nThe owner of a furniture showroom said he hasn\u0027t made a sale in 10 days while his workshop rent has been increased by 30 percent. He said one of his workers bought a can of tuna for lunch Saturday for 35,000 rials, or about 98 cents at the current exchange rate. The next day it was 45,000 rials, or $1.26, said Hamid, who gave only his first name because of warnings by Iranian officials not to discuss the economic situation with the media.\n\n\n\n\”Even Afghan workers are going home since it doesn\u0027t make sense to work in Iran with a currency that\u0027s worth less and less,\” he said.\n\n\n\nAt Tehran\u0027s bazaar \u0097 the traditional business hub in Iran\u0027s capital \u0097 merchants appeared to stage widespread closures to protest the stumbling economy. Canada Goose Online

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