ask (Clark) to do what is right and honourable: resign

No wonder the government thinks most people won be too upset at the injustice of it all.But it was a different story 25 years ago when another NDP government inflicted a similar tax grab on expensive homes.In 1993, then finance minister Glen Clark raised the school tax on homes assessed at $500,000 and over. He also scaled back the homeowner grant on properties assessed at over $400,000.The reaction was swift and furious from homeowners who threatened a tax revolt. An angry crowd of 5,000 people rallied in Vancouver and called for Clark head.Guess who was leading the angry mob back then? It was David Tha, the same Point Grey homeowner, who had bought the house six years earlier.ask (Clark) to do what is right and honourable: resign immediately! Tha told the cheering crowd.Faced with such a fierce backlash, the government folded like a cheap suitcase.

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